Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Princess Sparkle, you are not going to believe this"

I've been rewatching my favorite show of all time, The O.C., thanks to my boxed set of seasons 1 and 2. It's been glorious. And, fun fact, it was actually a show that Brendan and all of his roommates watched while they were in college and loved just like I did! I'm pretty sure that cements the fact we are meant to be.

When I watched The O.C. the first go around, I was in love with Seth Cohen. He was funny, sweet, earnest, nerdy, and liked cool music. Young Hanna was in love for realz. So as I was gushing to my mom about how I really think that The O.C. is the best show ever (literally I could write an essay on the topic) she asked if my love for Seth was returning. And, surprise, I'm now more Team Sandy...Seth's dad. Oh, what nine years and new priorities can do!

Seriously, Kirsten and Sandy have an awesome marriage and are great parents and Sandy is a really good man and husband. I want Brendan and I to be like that twenty years down the road. And since I went to Berkeley (just like the Cohens!) and Brendan has those "distinguished" eyebrows going on we are well on our way!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tiny Friends

Brendan has this funny wont to call little kids and babies "tiny friends." Cute, but also hilarious.

Today's picture is entitled "tiny." I don't really know what's tiny at the moment but here is a tiny picture of my tiny nephews looking MIGHTY cute.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A bunch of family is in town for the week (Grandma Kat, John, Tom, Kathy, Maggie, Connor, Ali, and Blake) and it has been great. We've been getting together almost everyday and it is so nice to spend quality time with people I don't get to see too often. We have so many shared memories so every moment spent with them is a comfort. And this makes me happy looking to the future and our next two years in Minnesota. I know that anytime I am homesick I have two dozen of my closest relatives within a 40 minute drive. That makes me almost excited to leave!

Anyway, here's a couple pictures of our get togethers this week and to satisfy the picture for today: someone who makes me happy. In this case, it's many someones!

My family makes me lol
Apparently we dress for Easter the whole week
In short, I love my family and can't wait to be near nearly all of them in two months.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Awkward Timing

So here is the mail from today. And it is both the inspiration for this post's title and the photo for today. 
The Nordstrom catalog was the only good thing in today's post
Are you ready for the awkward? Here we go! I went to get the mail (which is at the end of the block) and as I open the front door I see the truck for the pool cleaning company. "That's funny," I think, "I don't remember seeing them in the backyard cleaning." That's because the pool guy really had just pulled up. As I walked past the car I waved hello to be friendly and then he gets a concerned, business-like face on and takes off his headphones. He thinks I'm trying to deliver some important swimming pool related news. So then I quickly hold up the mail key and say "oh, just getting the mail! Just awkward timing!" and walk a little faster to the mailbox to make it very clear that that's what I planned to do.

And all I got out of the trip was an awkward story and a Nordstrom catalog that looks right out of the 80's. I'm not ready for big shoulder padded blazers or gold bangles to my elbows!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Today's photo for the day is "colour" or color if you like it like that. And it just so happens to be a perfect topic for today. It's Autism Awareness Day and, to show support, we're supposed to wear blue and even have blue lightbulbs on the porch. So here is the blue I wore today in honor of Keevin and all of my clients.

Take some time to learn more about autism and how it really is an epidemic in children (1 in 88, people!). And, on a side note, my kiddos don't make me blue; they bring a smile to my face every day!

Update! Here is a great collection of photos from around the world of buildings that went blue on April 2:


I once read in the Happiness literature that being a member of a group that gets together once a month can make you just as happy as getting a sizeable salary increase. Well, maybe that's true and maybe it isn't. But I have my book club that I've been going to for almost two years now and I look forward to it every month. We read awesome books (classics, YA, nerdy non-fiction, and some current faves) and have great conversation. For instance, last night at book club we discussed the book for a bit, then moved on to family history and an hour long discussion of The Hunger Games movie, and then finished by talking about how much we love Draw Something. I know that when I move to Minnesota this summer, this monthly meeting will be something small that will be missed in a big way. Skype ins have already been discussed.

I know I wouldn't miss a raise as much as these Sunday evening get together. I think it's because you can always want more money, but people and memories are always perfectly enough. All the vegan treats help, too!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photo A Day: April

I've been seeing lots of other bloggers & friends participating in these monthly photo challenges and thought it was a fun and unexpected way to document your life. I don't feel like taking a picture of my reflection today though, so maybe we'll just tack it on at the end of the month, then?